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We use only Iv San Bernard products, which have changed the grooming industry in over 35 countries since 1995. They focus on products designed for various coat types and proper skin management with all products based on natural ingredients. Special attention to the skin, hair, and health of the animals through proper product use, selection, technical support, and training are ISB’s core attributes. Dr. Cliff Faver, DVM, oversees the United States branch of the company. 

We adhere to Certified Master Groomer, Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, "The 15 Coat Type" guideline because we are in the Coat Preservation business, not the Coat Destruction business. Another reference that has the best interests of your dog's health in mind, is the American Kennel Club (AKC). Each breed has specific guidelines from their head down to their toes, with an in-depth description of the Coat. Their website is also a fantastic place to research any potential new family members so that you can be well prepared, especially with any grooming needs.

Grooming is so much more than just shaving a dog, or at least we think so! Not everyone will or does agree, but for those who do?! Give us a call or use our online booking service. We can't wait for your dog to look & feel its best!